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The following information relates to manufacturer warranties offered by the machine manufacturer. Please read all information carefully, and should you have any questions relating to any aspect of this section, please contact Achilles Machinery first. By purchasing an item from Achilles Machinery, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions of Manufacturer warranties as set out herein.

Validity of Claims

Manufacturer warranties are only valid to the original purchaser of the item in question and from the pickup date only. For future Manufacturer warranty claims, please provide a copy of the original invoice. Manufacturer warranties are not transferable under any circumstances. All trailers we provide are covered by 12-month manufacturer warranties. Achilles Machinery comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The benefits within our manufacturer warranties are in addition to other rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law about these products. This manufacturer's warranty does not apply if the damage occurs because of:

  • Accident
  • Fair wear & tear
  • Misuse, neglect or abuse
  • Storm damage or other acts of Nature
  • Unauthorized repairs made or attempted

Please note that there are no manufacturer warranties applicable on Tyres, Rims or Wheel bearings, Straps, and General consumables (e.g., light bulbs, LED strips, water pump, and jockey wheel). Wheel Nuts may loosen after the first few kilometers of use and must be checked and re-tightened if necessary. All third-party work must be authorized by Achilles Machinery. Any manufacturer warranties claim must be submitted in writing accompanied by photographs of the defective part. All shipping charges for the return of faulty products must be paid for by the customer. Please do not return goods without our written authority to do so. Achilles Machinery covers the original machinery ONLY. It does not cover the following Items:

  • Appliances and equipment that are not manufactured or supplied by Achilles Machinery (for example: Battery, Inverter, or customer modifications) are covered by the manufacturer warranties of such items for the term offered by the manufacturer of such items.
  • Any defect resulting from the fitting or installation of any accessories or options such as an altered toolbox or other items after the machinery has left the premises of Achilles Machinery.
  • Any rectification or other work required due to alterations in Local, State, or Federal legislation that occurs after the manufacture of the recreation vehicle.
  • Any consequential damages or repair work necessitated due to continued usage or towing after a defect has or should have, become apparent to the purchaser or user.
  • Any accommodation or re-location expenses including fuel/freight. Loss of earnings or rents or other costs incurred before or whilst repairs under this Manufacturer's warranties are being affected.

Manufacturer warranties (Wheel Loaders, Forklifts, Skid Steer Loaders, Excavators)

Standard Manufacturer warranties Parts Cover the balance of the machine for 12 months from the delivery date excluding normal replaceable items including filters, oils, lubricants, clutches, brake discs, and linings. It also excludes all canopies, belts, hoses, glass and light bulbs. It also excludes parts covered by component manufacturer warranties such as batteries, tyres, pumps, and injectors.

What is Not Warranted (Exclusions)? Under the terms of this Manufacturer warranty, Achilles Machinery IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Used Equipment.
  2. Any Equipment that has been altered or modified in a manner not approved by Achilles Machinery.
  3. Defects caused by normal wear and tear or lack of reasonable and proper maintenance.
  4. Normal maintenance parts and service, including but not limited to belts, brake and clutch linings, oil, filters (air, fuel, oil), coolants, conditioners, lubricants, pre-heater plugs, light bulbs, cutting parts (blades, teeth, and chains), bucket teeth, drive chains, and clutch discs.
  5. Engine fuel injection system pump, injector nozzles, and high-pressure lines.
  6. Defects caused by user negligence or failure to comply with the owner's operator's manual.
  7. Defects caused by misuse or abuse, including but not limited to the use of Equipment: (i) beyond stated or reasonable specifications or tolerances, (ii) contrary to the terms of the owner's manual, (iii) or contrary to the Equipment's intended purposes.
  8. Defects caused by the use of unapproved attachments or implements.
  9. Costs of repairs or replacements made by anyone other than an authorized Achilles Machinery dealer.
  10. Costs of parts cleaning, adjustments, service calls, diagnostics, and clean up.
  11. Tyres, tubes, batteries, and radios.
  12. Window and door glass and mirrors.
  13. Freight charges on replacement parts.
  14. Addition or replacement of chemical weight materials.
  15. Damage or defects caused by accident, theft, fire, flood, vandalism, or an act of God.
  16. Costs of rental of replacement equipment during the repair period.
  17. Equipment that has been declared a total loss and subsequently salvaged.
  18. Overtime labor charges.
  19. Transportation of Equipment and travel time (including mileage).
  20. Any failure or defect not caused by a defect in workmanship or materials.

Termination of Manufacturer warranties. This Manufacturer warranty terminates and is voided immediately upon the occurrence of any of the following:

  1. Use of starting fluid or ether to start or run the engine.
  2. Use of any replacement part that is not a genuine Manufacturer brand or authorized part.
  3. Any adjustment of the injection pump fuel delivery system.
  4. Failure to timely and completely perform regular maintenance and service as prescribed by the operator's manual during the Manufacturer's warranty term.
  5. Misuse or abuse of Equipment, including but not limited to the use of Equipment: (i) beyond stated or reasonable specifications or tolerances, (ii) contrary to the terms of the owner's manual, or (iii) contrary to the Equipment's intended purposes.
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