• For homeowners, we offer four models tailored to your needs: A10S and A12SE with a single-cylinder Koop engine for time and labor savings, and A14SE and A16SE with a three-cylinder water-cooled Kubota engine for added stability and versatility in tasks like post holes, trenching, and retaining walls.
  • Light commercial users often prefer the A18SE and A23SE, equipped with the world-famous Yanmar 3-cylinder engine, ideal for dry hiring with a trailer that includes a full package of attachments.
  • All Achilles excavators are built with diesel engines. Refer to the manual under the product page for service procedures.
  • We recommend 15w-30 engine oil replacement and No.46 hydraulic oil from any brand. Initial service is suggested after 50 hours, followed by subsequent services every 200 hours. Hydraulic oil and filter replacement is needed every 250 hours.

Yes, almost all Achilles machines come with expandable tracks. The A14SE model can access spaces as tight as 830mm, while the A18SE can navigate through 950mm openings.

Most packages include a GP bucket, trench bucket, mud bucket, rake, ripper, hydraulic thumb, and a quick hitch.

For smaller machines, we use Chinese Koop and Japanese Kubota engines. For 1.8-ton machines and larger, we opt for Japanese Yanmar and UK Perkins engines.

We stock all service kits and common parts locally. Special orders typically take 30-50 days.

We offer both options. Trailers take 1-2 weeks to build post-deposit. If you don't have a trailer, we can assist in organizing transport across Australia.

Yes, A14SE and smaller machines feature a mechanical half hitch. From A16SE and larger, all come with a fully functional hydraulic quick hitch. Tilt hitch is also available for 2.3-ton machines and above.

Currently, the A18SE model comes with steel tracks with rubber pads. All other models come with rubber tracks. Adding steel tracks to A23SE and A28S incurs an extra cost of $3000-$4000.

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