A16SE Mini Excavator

The A16SE comes with a pilot system and is powered by the sturdy Kubota D722 18HP Engine. It comes with various features, including a hydraulic thumb grab, expandable tracks ranging from 990mm to 1250mm for increased stability, and a swing boom function. The combo deal includes a hydraulic hitch as well. Specifically designed for owner-operators, it is well-suited for tasks such as trenching, pole excavation, and building retaining walls. Its versatility extends seamlessly to the needs of farm owners and landscaping projects

Machine with 380mm GP Bucket Only          $21,990.00 Including GST
Machine with Attachments Combo Deal      $24,990.00 Including GST

Include 200mm Trench Bucket, 380mm GP Bucket, 1000mm Mud Bucket, 300mm Auger with Driver, Rake, Ripper, Hydraulic Thumb Grabber, Hydraulic Quick Hitch, and Toolbox

Additional Attachments and Trailer Packages are available

Manufacturer Warranty from 1/02/2024
1 Year Back to factory labor and replacement parts warranty (or 1000 hours, which comes first)
2 Year Engine warranty (or 2000 hours, which comes first)
3 Year Structure warranty (or 3000 hours, which comes first)

Terms and conditions apply

  • 18.8HP KUBOTA D722
  • 1600KG
  • 0.028 m³

Kubota D722 is a vertical, 3-cylinder, 4-cycle IDI diesel engine that is water-cooled, delivering a power output of 18 horsepower at 3600 revolutions per minute (RPM)

Expandable tracks 990mm-1250mm can pass through narrow space due to narrow width and the undercarriage can be expanded for good stability during excavation


Engine Model Kubota D722
Travel Motor Keystone
Main Pump HCHC
Rated Power 18.8HP KUBOTA D722
Controlling System Pilot Control
Number of Cylinders 3
Working Range
Max Digging Height 2955mm
Max Digging Depth 2017mm
Max Digging Radius 3529mm
Hydraulic Fluid rate 30 L/Min
Max Walking Speed 2.1 Km/h
Boom Swing function YES
Track Expandable 990mm-1250mm
Max Grade ability 30°
Bucket Capacity 0.028 m³
Overall Length 3329mm
Overall Width 1300mm
Overall Height 2480mm
Track Length 1450mm
Track Width 200mm
Track High 330mm
Platform Width 990mm
Ground Clearance 130mm
Operating Weight 1600KG
Fuel Tank 16L
Engine 3.5L
Hydraulic Tank 14L
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