Mini Excavators Sale

A18SE Mini Excavator

  • 20.8HP YANMAR 3TNV70
  • 1900KG
  • 0.045 m³

A23SE Mini Excavator

  • 23.9HP YANMAR 3TNV80F
  • 2300KG
  • 0.06 m³

A28S Mini Excavator

  • 23.9HP YANMAR 3TNV80F
  • 2750KG
  • 0.1 m³

For projects demanding precision and power in compact spaces, turn to Achilles mini excavators. Our range delivers the manoeuvrability you need for landscaping, construction and agricultural work — all built to withstand the rigours of Australian conditions.

Engineered for reliable performance and supported by our extensive local network, Achilles' excavator machines offer exceptional value. Improve productivity and minimise downtime with a mini excavator that meets your project’s needs.

Standout features of Achilles mini excavators for sale

Discover why Achilles mini excavators are the smart choice for a wide range of Australian projects. Our machines can deliver the perfect blend of compact size, exceptional power and budget-friendly value. Experience these outstanding qualities that set our mini excavators apart:

Hydraulic thumb

Add effortless precision and control to your digging operations with our hydraulic thumb attachment. This feature gives you superior gripping power for tasks like demolition, landscaping and handling debris. Experience smooth and accurate movements, enabling you to work with confidence and efficiency.

Powerful 3-cylinder Yanmar or Kubota

At the heart of our excavator machines, you'll find robust 3-cylinder engines from Yanmar or Kubota. These industry-renowned brands deliver ample power for demanding excavations while offering excellent fuel economy and lower emissions. Expect smooth operation and long-term durability that reduces downtime on your job site.

Versatile swing boom function

Maximise your reach and manoeuvrability in tight spaces with our swing boom function. It lets you effortlessly angle the boom to dig around obstacles or alongside walls, reducing the need for constant machine repositioning. This saves you time, avoids site disturbance and extends the lifespan of your excavator.

Expandable tracks

Navigate tight spaces and easily tackle uneven terrain thanks to our expandable track widths. Narrow your excavator's footprint for manoeuvring through tight spots, then widen the base for increased stability on slopes and rough ground. This adaptability means less time getting stuck and more time getting the job done.

Extensive attachment options

Expand the capabilities of your mini excavator with our diverse selection of attachments. Outfit your machine to tackle trenching, demolition, material handling and more. Our attachments are engineered for seamless compatibility — allowing for easy switching and efficient operation on the job site.

The Achilles Machinery distinction

At Achilles Machinery, we know the frustration of overpriced, underperforming equipment. That's why we've built our reputation on delivering top-tier mini excavators built with quality that rivals far more expensive brands. When you work with Achilles, expect powerful machines that deliver consistent results at a price that makes sense for your bottom line.

Don't let "mini" fool you — our excavators are built tough for the challenges of Australian worksites. From outback farms to crowded city streets, these compact workhorses deliver the power and precision you need to get the work done. Our commitment to Australian standards means you get a safe, reliable machine backed by the support you need to keep your project on track.

Choosing Achilles means partnering with a team in it for the long haul. From our knowledgeable support staff to our responsive after-sales service, we're here to answer your questions, address any concerns and keep you moving forward. With a range of available mini excavator sizes, your Australian project will be perfectly matched with the right machine.

Find the perfect Achilles mini excavator for sale in NSW & QLD

If you're looking for a dependable mini excavator for sale in QLD or NSW, your search ends here at Achilles Machinery. Explore our catalogue today to find the ideal size and specifications for your next project. Should you need expert guidance and a competitive quote, please feel free to contact our team. Ditch the backbreaking labour and supercharge your productivity today.


What applications are mini excavators best used for?

Mini excavators excel in a wide range of landscaping, construction and agricultural tasks where space is limited. They're ideal for digging trenches, foundations and pools, as well as demolition, grading and material handling. Their compact size and manoeuvrability make them perfect for working in tight spaces, around existing structures or on uneven terrain.

How do I choose the right mini excavator size for my needs?

Selecting the right mini excavator depends on the scope of your projects. Consider the depth you need to dig, the weight of materials you'll be lifting and the workspace you have available. Achilles offers a range of excavator sizes in Australia, including popular 1.5T excavators and 1.8T excavators.

For smaller jobs like landscaping, trenching for utilities or working in very confined areas, a 1.5T excavator or smaller may be ideal. These machines offer excellent control and lighter ground pressure. If your projects involve deeper digging, heavier loads or slightly more workroom, stepping up to a 1.8T excavator provides additional power and reach.

For detailed specifications and capabilities, explore our online catalogue or reach out to us.

What kind of maintenance does a mini excavator require?

Like any piece of machinery, excavators require regular upkeep to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Key maintenance tasks include regular checks of fluid levels, greasing moving parts, inspecting the undercarriage and tracks and adhering to the recommended service schedule.

Do I need a licence to operate a mini excavator?

In most parts of Australia, you don't need a specific licence to operate a mini excavator. However, some states may recommend or require relevant training courses or certifications for workplace safety purposes. It's always best to check with your local authorities or workplace safety organisation for the most up-to-date requirements in your area.

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