Equipment & Machinery

T35 Skid Steer Loader

  • 23HP
  • 300KG
  • 0.15 m3

T35 Trailer Package

  • 3200KG
  • 2440 x 1520 mm
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized

ZT18 Wheel Loader

  • 79 HP
  • 3600 KG
  • 1800 KG

ZT25 Wheel Loader

  • 119 HP
  • 6600 kg
  • 2,500 kg

ZT30 Wheel Loader

  • 125 HP
  • 8200 KG
  • 3000 KG

As the leading provider of mini excavators and machinery in Australia, we at Achilles Machinery aim to be your trusted partner in powering projects to success with our top-notch mini excavators and machinery. Our products are designed with precision and engineered to perform efficiently in confined spaces and urban landscapes, making us the perfect partner for your construction, landscaping or farming needs.

Experience the Achilles Machinery difference

Our range of equipment and machinery, known for their top-notch design, robust performance and minimal environmental impact, sets the standard for quality and efficiency. Each product is proof that we’re supplying machinery that is not just powerful but also cost-effective and reliable. 

You’re in good hands because we understand the Australian market's unique demands, offering machinery that is highly specified, long-lasting and comes with a competitive price tag. Dive into our selection of mini excavators and machinery today and experience the Achilles Machinery difference.

Our range of equipment and machinery

For those requiring robust construction solutions, we carry high-quality equipment and machinery that are reliable, efficient and durable. Our extensive lineup includes:

  • Excavators

    We have a range of mini excavators with specifications on engine power, operating weight and bucket capacity. In our product selection, you will find the A10S, A12SE, A14SE, A16SE, A18SE, A23SE and A28S. These excavators come with engine powers ranging from 12HP to 28.2HP, operating weights from 1000KG to 2750KG and bucket capacities from 0.025m³ to 0.1m³. Each model is designed to meet specific operational requirements, from private home projects to more demanding commercial tasks.

  • Excavator parts

    To improve your excavation projects, Achilles Machinery offers a comprehensive range of excavator parts. From the Quick Hitch to the Sieve Bucket, each part is engineered for precision, durability and versatility. These attachments are designed to expand the capabilities of your excavator, allowing for more efficient digging, breaking and materials handling across various projects.

  • Trailer packages for equipment

    Our trailer packages for equipment are tailored for seamless transportation of your mini excavators and equipment. With an ATM of 3200KG or 3500KG and internal sizes that accommodate different equipment dimensions, each trailer is finished with a hot-dipped galvanised coating for long-lasting durability. These packages are perfect for professionals who require a reliable solution for moving their machinery from site to site with ease.

  • Wheel loaders

    For superior performance in loading operations, Achilles Machinery offers wheel loaders engineered with unmatched control and efficiency for both high-speed and precision tasks. With cabins crafted with comfort in mind and robust 4WD systems, these loaders can tackle challenging terrains with ease while offering ergonomic seating to support operator efficiency and safety. Equipped with modern safety features like high-definition rear cameras, our wheel loaders are the go-to choice for reliable, high-performance loading solutions in diverse working conditions. Available by mid-May 2024, Achilles Machinery’s wheel loader will cost $39,990 inc GST. 

  • Skid steer loaders and machinery

    Our skid steer loaders and machinery are versatile and efficient powerhouses as they come with 23HP rated power, a maximum lifting capacity of 300 kg and a bucket volume of 0.15 m³. You can expect our skid steer loaders to excel in a wide range of tasks, from loading and unloading to site preparation and debris clearing, making them the right tools for those who demand reliability, power and flexibility in their machinery.

Elevate your projects with Achilles Machinery

Discover the unmatched value of Achilles Machinery's mini excavators and loaders, engineered for the unique Australian terrain. Praised by farmers and builders alike, our machinery combines superior quality with affordability. Benefit from our local, efficient after-sales service as we ensure your equipment always performs at its best. 

Embrace technology that meets Australian standards. Your next project deserves the strength and power of Achilles Machinery.


What are mini excavators and what are they used for?

Mini excavators are compact, versatile pieces of construction equipment designed for various tasks such as digging, trenching, landscaping and demolition. Their small size and manoeuvrability make them ideal for residential and light commercial projects and in tight spaces.

What types of attachments can be used with mini excavators?

Consider attachments for mini excavators to enhance their versatility and optimise their functionality. You can choose between buckets for digging, augers for drilling, hammers for demolition and grapples for material handling. These attachments allow the mini excavator to perform a wide range of tasks beyond excavation.

What are skid steer loaders and what are their primary functions?

Skid steer loaders are highly flexible, small, yet powerful machines used primarily for loading, excavating, grading and materials handling. They feature a unique steering mechanism that allows them to turn within their own footprint, making them perfect for tight spaces and varied tasks in construction, landscaping and farming.

What are trailer packages for equipment and why are they important?

Trailer packages for equipment are essential for transporting mini excavators and skid steer loaders from one job site to another. A trailer package typically consists of a durable trailer that features ramps for easy loading, secure tie-down points for safety and a weight capacity to match the machinery being transported.

What factors should I consider when choosing a mini excavator or skid steer loader?

When choosing a mini excavator or skid steer loader, consider the job's requirements, including the space available, the weight and size of the machine, the depth of digging or lifting capacity needed, as well as the types of attachments required. You should also keep in mind the machine's ease of operation and maintenance, so you can easily wield it for your project. 

How do I maintain professional equipment and machinery?

Maintaining professional equipment and machinery involves regular inspections, timely replacement of worn-out parts, proper cleaning after use and adherence to the manufacturer's service schedule. Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and reliability of your equipment, reducing downtime and repair and replacement costs.

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